VOMOTE ready for sale

Many people have been waiting for the first speech recognition product on the Norwegian market. The wait is now over! On October 15th VOMOTE will be ready for sale.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 25.09.2010

VOMOTE has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish company Veridict as a result of the research project SMUDI.

Extensive testing

Throughout 2010 VOMOTE has undergone extensive internal and external testing. The first version of the speech recognition product is now ready, aand will be launched on the Norwegian market on October 15th.

Four orders for VOMOTE from centres of expertise

Four Norwegian centres have already ordered VOMOTE. This says a lot  about how long communities have been waiting for a Norwegian product of this type. It is possible to apply for VOMOTE as an assistive device which has  the registration: number163234.

Successful demonstration on September 14th

We have had a very successful demonstration of VOMOTE, and we believe that this device will be very useful for many  people. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to order VOMOTE.

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