VOMOTE, Norwegian speech recognition, is launched today!

Veridict and MediaLT are very pleased to announce that VOMOTE is now ready to use! We are proud of what we have achieved and hope that VOMOTE will be a useful tool for many people!

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 15.10.2010

With VOMOTE you can control your PC using your voice.

You can:

  • Control the mouse and click
  • Open applications quickly, and quickly move between applications, favorites, etc.
  • Write / Spell
  • Choose functions in different applications: format text and paragraphs, insert formulas in a spreadsheet, send new mail, delete files etc.
  • Execute keystrokes: Ctrl+Shift+ F4, Alt+E, etc.
  • Adjusting the volume on your PC
  •  ... and much more!

No limitations

Our goal is that VOMOTE should control everything you do on your computer. We have however selected some programs that have especially good voice support, especially Windows 7 programs and Microsoft Office 2007 (and later).

VOMOTE users are of course very welcome to suggest new commands and functionality. In other words, we envisage a close collaboration with those who use our voice recognition!


VOMOTE is in a separate box. We have worked hard to achieve this, and some reasons are:

  • a stable system
  • voice recognition should not use the PC's resources.
  • control of microphones and switches.
  • quick start-up.

VOMOTE connected to the PC via a USB cable.

Microphones and Switches

Speech recognition can be performed in different ways. For many it is best to use a switch (or keyboard) to communicate that a voice command is to be given. This avoids the system trying to recognize voice commands when you are talking with others (eg when you are on the phone). VOMOTE can also be controlled without switches, ie using only voice commands. You must then give notice that recognition is temporarily suspended.

MediaLT delivers a variety of VOMOTE switches. We also offer the following microphone solutions:

  • VOMOTE wireless microphone
  • VOMOTE table microphone
  • VOMOTE arched handle microphone

All microphones are thoroughly tested.

Do you need more information?

It is now possible to apply to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organization for VOMOTE. We would encourage you to contact us too if you wish to apply. It is important to choose the correct switches / microphones and to ensure you get a good picture of how speech recognition works. If you have an old PC it may be appropriate to replace this to get the best out of VOMOTE.

Contact:Morten Tollefsen
tlf: 908 99 305

Many thanks

Many thanks are owed to the Veridikt program of Norway's Research Council, Ministry of Education and Research, and Innovation Norway for support to research and develop VOMOTE. There is one more thing we must say on the launch day. We are very grateful for all the efforts our test users have put in to achieve this solution. The test group has helped VOMOTE to become a robust, feature rich and user friendly product. Thank you to you all!

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