Universal Design as a process, instrument and measure in the development of new software

The Norwegian Federation for the Disabled (NHF) has carried out a large CRM-project. Universal Design is an important principle for NHF, and as a result of the project a guide has been written.

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 21.01.2011

Universal Design is a wide-ranging concept, especially when it is used as intended: "user-friendly for all". UD is not a "product" or something which can be validated using a machine when the develpment project is complete. UD is a tool, something which must be part of the whole process, and at the end should be part of the goal.

The Norwegian Federation for the Disabled has taken the initiative to write a paper / guide to summarize the experiences in a large development project, and IT Funk has supported the project

NHF has created a customer management system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The guide is however just as relevant for other projects and covers the various phases in a development project from concept to operation. In the conclusion the experiences are summarized as a checklist.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the paper.

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