Students awarded top grades in the PIPPI project

Three students at Oslo University College, Petter Skolla, Jonas Taftø Rødfoss and Johan Sveen Finstad all received grade As for their main project in applied computer technology, carried out as part of the PIPPI project.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 25.06.2009

Interactive touchscreen technology can be an alternative to the mouse or other pointing devices for people with reduced motor capabilities. This technology allows navigation over larger areas, and thus reduces the need for fine adjustment. It was the potential of this technology that led MediaLT to initiate the project, projected interactive PC-control pilot-solution (PIPPI).

Promising tests

A prototype of the technology was tested in the pre-project Parkinsons ICT challenges (PIKT). The prototype consisted of a glove ( "iGlåv") with an infrared light diode, and a Wii control that detects the light source's position and strength on a projected computer screen. The tests were promising, and we wanted to see further development and testing with other user groups. An early prototype of a new pointing device, "iFinger", was the result of this testing.

Further development and improvement

The PIPPI project is working to further develop and improve this solution in close cooperation with Oslo University College, where the three students are conducting user tests at a special school in the Oslo area.

Quality Stamp

For the PIPPI project it is a mark of quality that the students received top grade As for their main project.

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