Program to create discinfo.html

I have written a small program to create an overview (discinfo.html) of DAISY books with multiple titles on CDs, memory cards or folders on your hard drive. This is useful if for example, you want to copy books from your hard drive to a PTR2 memory card.

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 24.11.2008


Players and software for reading DAISY books look for a file called discinfo.html to find titles on CDs and memory cards. This file is only relevant if there are multiple titles. Discinfo.html must usually be written manually.  The PTR1 and PTR2 DAISY players  create this file automatically when you copy the books from CD to memory card. This will not work when you copy books from other memory cards or from the hard drive. The program I have made can however be used after the books are copied. This program also makes it easier to create CDs with more titles: if you have a knowledge of html it is certainly not difficult to write the file manually, but it is easy to make small mistakes!

To use the program

Enter the folder name where discinfo.html is to be placed. You can also use the "Browse" button. When the folder name is correct, select OK. Click Cancel or press the Escape if you do not want to create discinfo.html. If discinfo.html exists from before it will be overwritten (the program asks whether you want to overwrite the file).
All folders will be searched to find DAISY books.

User support

The program is free. I would like feedback on improvements, error messages etc. by e-mail. There is no phone support.

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