Popular Online Services - Do they Work for Everyone?

Facebook, Finn, VG blog, Yr and other online services are both useful and entertaining for many. But are these services universally designed? We are testing this and are therefore very interested to hear of your experiences.

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 03.09.2008

Accessing and managing ICT and the Internet is essential to fully participate in today's society. Less inclusive and badly designed ICT may reduce these opportunities for disabled people. Ideally all ICT solutions should be universal, without the need for special adaptation or accessories for disabled users. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In light of this. it is interesting to examine the extent to which ICT in Norway allows for all users, and whether existing IT solutions work together with relevant technical aids for people with disabilities. This is the topic for Delta Centre's project "Aids or mainstreaming". Accessible Web sites is one of the sub-projects.

Web Site Testing

On behalf of Delta Centre MediaLT will test about 12 Web sites.A specific test plan will be used. and to gain even more knowledge we hope that you are willing to share your experiences with us. If you are using computer aids and have tried one of the following Web sites, please contact us.

  • VG Blog
  • Facebook
  • Nettby
  • Møteplassen
  • Filmweb
  • Yr
  • Skandiabanken
  • Norwegian
  • Finn
  • Oslo kommune (application for kindergarten)
  • NAV (register as unemployed)

Contact Morten Tollefsen tel: +47 908 99 305 before 01.10.2008.

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