Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation starts audio subtitling

Ten years ago we started work to establish audio subtitling in Norway. It is therefore with great pleasure that we are now able to announce that NRK has started audio subtitling. This article also includes information about where to find channels with audio subtitling.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 16.07.2015

Audio subtitling means that the subtitles are read. NRK will use synthetic speech to read the subtitles, and offer this service for all three of their channels. In this way you can follow foreign language programmes, even if you are not able to read the text.

All pre-recorded programmes in a language other than Norwegian will have audio subtitles. Currently, live programmes such as the news will not have audio subtitling. NRK are working to put this in place.

Special channels

NRK has chosen a solution where they offer audio subtitling on speial channels: NRK1 audio subtitles, NRK2 subtitles and NRK Super / NRK3 subtitles. These channels can be found in your channel menu. The preset number for these channels will vary, depending on the distributor and whether you receive TV via cable, satellite or ground network. The channel numbers are as follows:

Refer to the channel list

Ground network:
Kanal 997 – NRK1 subtitle
Kanal 996 – NRK2 subtitle
Kanal 995 – NRK Super/NRK3 subtitle

Canal Digital cable:
Kanal 396 - NRK1 subtitle
Kanal 397 - NRK2 subtitle
Kanal 398 - NRK Super/NRK3 subtitle

Canal Digital satellite:
Kanal 222 NRK1 subtitle
Kanal 223 NRK2 subtitle
Kanal 224 NRK Super / NRK3 subtitle

Kanal 152 - NRK1 subtitle
Kanal 153 – NRK2 subtitle
Kanal154 – NRK Super/NRK3 subtitle

Telenor IPTV:
Kanal 395 - NRK Super/NRK3 subtitle
Kanal 396 – NRK2 subtitle
Kanal 397 – NRK1 subtitle

Use the remote control and choose «OPTIONS». Then press «SYN».

Pioneer audio subtitling in Holland

In 2001, Norwegian-Dutchman Cor van der Lijcke informed us about the audio subtitling service in Holland, the first country in the world to provide audio subtitling. Together with Cor, NRK and the Norwegian Federation for the Blind accompanied us on a study trip to Holland. As a result of this we initiated a three-year project to establish audio subtitling.

Positive response from visually impaired

In this project we did the first tests with audio subtitling in Norway. There were technical shortcomings, but tests showed that visually impaired people wanted this service in Norway. Already in 2010 NRK decided to start audio subtitling. Coordination with other developments in NRK and technical issues led to delays in establishing the service. We would like take this opportunity to praise NRK for the amount of work they have put in to be able to offer this service.

Paves the way for audio description

In the autumn NRK decided to start audio description. The same technical solution can also be used for audio description and now NRK has in place a solution for audio subtitling this will pave the way for audio description. We hope the other Norwegian television companies will follow their example.

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