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Web pages should be accessible! Publishing solutions which are accessible, allowing disabled people to publish information, are also important. At MediaLT we combine these two areas of work.

Story by: Trond Ausland - 06.08.2008

IT-funk supports the project Accessible Web-publishing. In this project an accessible publishing solution which also works for blind and visually impaired users is being developed. Our hypothesis is that this system will work equally well for other users, and perhaps for everyone who publishes on the net.

The first version has been released!

The pages you are now reading are published using our new system. Information published previous to this system has been transferred, and there are certainly errors in the new material. We would like to hear from you if you:

  • Discover mistakes
  • Find problems with accessibility
  • Have ideas for improvement
  • ..... 

Our experiences will be documented

When testing is finished we shall document how the system is built up.

We shall also give access to code and more.  

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