New plug-in for Milestone 312

Milestone 312 is even better. There is now an appointment diary for your player!

Story by: - 11.01.2010

Agenda is a powerful appointment calendar tool that helps you organize your daily life. Amongst the settings you'll find date, time, type of event, duration and repetition. With these settings you can build up a comprehensive on-going calendar which reminds you of birthdays, appointments, etc.

In addition to the typical calendar, you can use Agenda for other types of events, such as playback or recording from the radio at a particular time, or making a sound archive. Agenda interrupts when the player is busy with something else, for example reading a book or listening to the radio. There are no limitations regarding the number of entries. Agenda has been tested with more than a thousand entries.

Agenda can be ordered with the Milestone 312, or purchased as an upgrade to all sold Milestone 312. Agenda software is already available in all languages in markets where Milestone 312 is sold.

Agenda can be ordered from ADAPTER AS online at, or ring 23215555. You can also order Agenda from us at or ring 21538018. Please include your player's serial number and your e-mail address.

The handbook can be downloaded from under user support.

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