New DAISY player from Plextor

PLEXTALK Pocket (PTP1) is a small player which stores recordings, books, music, etc. on a memory card.

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 30.04.2009

PLEXTALK Pocket is small and lightweight, plays everything clear and well, you can listen with speakers or earphones, and the sound is great! You can record everything you want, the quality is good. An external microphone can be connected, but try the built-in one too, this was good enough for me. The new Pocket plays MP3 and DAISY of course, and it reads text too. Because Pocket has Stine, always neutral and clear.

[Picture: Plextor Pocket black version]

Voice messages allow the visually impaired to use all the features in Pocket.

Playback and recording

In addition to playing books, music, and reading text, you can take up high-quality recording! This is the world's first combined pocket DAISY player that can also be used to take up structured recordings (with headings, page numbers, and other DAISY functionality). Sounds tricky? The truth is that it's easy, actually very easy to make a good recording!

Voice Bookmarks (or your comments) can be inserted while you are reading. This makes it much easier to create your own notes, for example when studying literature.

There is room for a lot on the supplied memory card (2 GB). However Pocket also supports a memory card up to 32 GB.

Size and weight

  • 55 x 112 x 16mm
  • 110 g


The new Pocket has of course a built-in, chargeable battery. An adapter is included. The player is also charged when connected to a PC using using USB.

PTR1 and PTR2

If you already have a PTR1 or PTR2 (DAISY players with CD-ROM drive) you can connect the new Pocket to these using an USB cable. Material can be copied between the players.

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