Milestone 312: A first class digital recorder!

One of the world's best digital recorders is now even better! You have a daisy-player, radio, MP3 player, document reader and RFID reader all in the same little box!

Story by: Morten Tollefsen - 02.03.2009

According to Milestone 312 is the world's smallest DAISY player. This is very impressive: because this is a product that is so much more than an audio book player! 50 g of electronics is enough in 2009!

DAISY, MP3, radio and RFID-reader

This is a really good product. Having everything in one small box is a great advantage, and with a memory card (e.g. 16 GB) you can store DAISY-books, music and text files!

Digital recorder: if you have used Milestone 311 you know that the digital recorder works very well! Recordings can be stored in different folders. The folders can be named (work, home, school, address, ...), making it easy to systematize and retrieve the recordings. You can use an external microphone if you want to have a very good recording - as good as a professional recording!

DAISY player: books can be copied over to the memory card. The loudspeaker is good even though it's very small! When moving around, for example on the bus, it is probably still best to listen with a headset.

Radio: Milestone 312 has a built-in FM radio (an addition to the standard edition).

RFID reader: this reader is used for labels (an addition to the standard edition). You can insert labels, supplied in completely different sizes and qualities, for different things - and read the messages. The messages can then be played with Milestone.

The RFID reader and radio are built-in in Milestone, but to activate these functions an additional licence is required.

MP3 Player: Milestone can of course also play music. MP3 is just one of the three file formats that are supported! WMA and AAC can also be used. The sound is far better than in for example Milestone 311. Milestone 312 is quite simply a complete MP3 player now!

Reading documents

Milestone 312 can read text files, Word documents and HTML using synthetic speech! This makes the player very versatile. Listen to reports or study materials on the way to / from meetings! With this feature, in addition to DAISY, Milestone 312 really is a complete audio reading machine!


Yes, a clock with an alarm is included!


[Picture: Milestone 312 player with memory card]

Milestone 312 is similar to its predecessor. You switch between functions using a key on the top. The wheel (pointing to the left / right / up / down and press in the middle) is used for navigation. But the design has become even more modern and Milestone 312 is good to the feel. Slightly iPod Nano-like, perhaps?

This is a purchase you won't regret!

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