Johan Sveen Finstad joins MediaLT

Johan has been working on a university project connected to the PIPPI project, and has subsequently joined MediaLT.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 24.08.2009

The positive trend in MediaLT continues and in spring 2009 there was a need to further increase our workforce, particularly in research areas. Johan Sveen Finstad (23) joined us in August and MediaLTnow has 13 people on the payroll.

New assistive device

Johan's interest in the field was clear already in the autumn of 2008. He was then studying computer engineering at Oslo University College when the college was working with MediaLT on the implementation of the Parkinson's ICT challenges (PIKT) project. In connection with user testing in the Parkinson's group a new assistive device was tested, and Johan has since worked on further developing this device. His work laid the foundation for the project Projected interactive PC-management pilot solution (PIPPI project) which started in March this year.

Top grade

In the spring of 2009 Johan, Petter Skoll, and Jonas Taftø Rødfoss completed their university project relating to the PIPPI project. A top grade A was a seal of approval for the project, and showed that Johan was the man for the job.

Meaningful and important

 - I think the areas MediaLT are working in are very exciting and challenging, and the work is meaningful and important. I was not slow to respond when I was asked to work for MediaLT, says Johan Sveen Finstad.

[Photo: Johan Finstadsveen]


This autumn Johan is starting Master studies in "network and system integration" at Oslo University College. He is employed part-time and most of his work will be linked to the PIPPI project.

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