Is there a need for sound control technology?

The pilot project Sound control is now approaching the end of the project period, and we would like to have feedback on how useful it is to control technology using sounds. We would be very grateful if you can answer the questions below.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 05.10.2010

In the pilot project Sound volume control, we explore the possibility of adapting voice control of the PC for people with speech difficulties / dysarthria. We have termed this "Sound control".

How we envisage the solution:

  • The user should use certain sounds / voice commands to send e-mail, open Word, control the mouse pointer, click with the mouse, etc.
  • The user will be able to use these sounds / voice commands, either in addition to or instead of the control methods they currently use to manage the PC. For example, the solution may be used with different switch solutions and eye control.
  • The user, together with specialists / guardians, will be able to choose  which sounds / commands he / she will say to the PC.
  • The user will be able to choose, along with specialists / guardians, which PC functions are appropriate and relate these to sound / voice commands.
  • What the user will be able to do will depend on how many different sounds the user is able to create. Is he / she able to make ten different sounds? Is he / she able to pick out the ten most desired functions and link sounds to these functions?
  • If the user wishes to change any of these functions, he / she may easily be able to move sounds to the new function.


We would like feedback from both individuals with speech difficulties / dysarthria, communities working in this field, and other communities, about how useful you consider such a solution to be. The answers to the questions below should be sent to:

  1. Can you briefly say something about who you are?
  2. How great do you think the need for Sound control is?
  3. How useful do you think such a solution would be?
  4. Any other comments?  Thank you for your for your help!

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