Invitation to a workshop on user studies

In connection with the conference Unitech2010, the Norwegian Computing Center is hosting a workshop on user studies in relation to universal design, on Friday 21st May.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 29.03.2010

The theme of the workshop is user studies utilized in the design and development of inclusive ICT products and services. The emphasis will be on accessibility, universal design and usability. The Discrimination and Accessibility Act, requiring universal design of ICT aimed at the general public from 2011, and increasing interest in the design of inclusive ICT solutions, make this a very appropriate theme.

Methods, tools and practices

The speakers come from both public and private sector development and research, and from user organizations. The program is divided into blocks and will cover: methods, relevant tools and real life practice.

Disseminate knowledge

The purpose of the workshop is to disseminate knowledge about user study methodology, and to promote the important role of user studies as a tool to create accessible and inclusive ICT. Furthermore, the Norwegian Computing Center wishes to create a venue where interested parties can meet. The target groups are developers and stakeholders in the public and private sector, researchers, educators, users organizations and interest groups, students and anyone interested in the topic of universal design of ICT.

Satellite Event

The workshop will be held on Friday 21 May 2010, at. 9.00-15.15 at the Norwegian Computer Center premises in Gaustadalléen 23 (Business Building, University of Oslo), Oslo. It is a satellite event at the conference Unitech 2010. You can register and learn more about the workshop on the Norwegian Computing Center website.

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