Are Flyen has resigned

We thank Are Flyen for his contribution at MediaLT, and wish him good luck in his new job with the consultancy company Acando AS.

Story by: Magne Lunde - 20.08.2008

Are Flyen joined MediaLT in March 2005, first part-time while he studied engineering at Oslo University College, and then full time as of summer 2007.

Larger Professional Community

Are describes why he left MediaLT: - I chose to move because I was offered the opportunity to work in a consultancy company with 50 employees here in Oslo. I sought different and new challenges, and the triggering factor was that I would be part of a larger professional community.

Are has moved to Acando AS, a Norwegian subsidiary of Swedish Acando AB. The company has branches throughout the North and West in Europe. The company has about 100 employees in Norway and 1300 on a global basis. Are will be working in the EIM section (enterprise information management).

Are's tasks at MediaLT have partly been taken over by Trond Ausland, the remainder being divided amongst other employees. Questions regarding work he has carried out for MediaLT can be directed to the General Manager Magne Lunde: 91 79 00 78,   

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