MediaLT´s Conference room

Select the link below to enter the conference room.

Group rooms

These Group rooms are used in MediaLT´s online teaching.


  • If the others cannot hear you!
  • Press the left Control key while talking.
  • When you enter the conference room for the first time you will be asked to install a small program. Answer Yes in the dialogue box.
  • When you are asked to write "Screen name", write your name and press Enter.
  • If the dialogue box Download a file is showing press Esc and try to enter the conference room again.
  • If there are problems try to open the link in a new window. Right click the link or press Shift+F10 and select Open in a new window.

Rules for the conference room

  • You can discuss any topic when the conference room is not being used for teaching and seminars.
  • You should use your proper name, or a name that allows the others to identify you.
  • You should not cause offence to others. Bad language is not allowed.
  • The conference room will be closed to any person not respecting these rules.

Rent of the chat room

We can rent out the chat room for meetings, conferences etc. Contact us at:

Jerikoveien 22
N-1067 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 21 53 80 10