The way we teach

MediaLT provides all learning materials in accessible formats. Curriculum Books, compendia, tasks, etc. are written about or specifically for our courses.  

We offer very different models for implementation of courses:

  • Individual training

  • Group Based Training

  • Individual distance

  • Community based distance learning

MediaLT has devoted much time in organizing a distance education schemes. Students continue to receive lectures, but we use our online conference system. This has proven to be very good.

MediaLT naturally have the same claim to expertise in all personalized courses listed in the current curriculum. Certification prepared so that students can get work in the format that suits them, enlarged text, Braille, as electronic text or audio (only applicable for those who can not use automated tests).

Contact Information

Please contact us for more information:

Address: Jericho 22, 1067 Oslo
Tel: 21 53 80 10