Stable WCAG test pages

Automated testing tools are important aids for professional accessibility experts. It is however difficult to get an overview of which WCAG errors these tools actually detect. It is therefore necessary to test these tools to get adequate knowledge of how they work.Our approach has been to start development of a resource, a set of web pages with documented errors.

We had previously created a link collection to pages that contain different WCAG errors. This is one of very few websites in Norway offering free advice on accessibility and universal design for web developers. The downside of a set of external links is that the content changes. It is also not always easy to understand why the automated tool has given an error message in one case, while in another it has not detected an obvious error. MediaLT believes that a set of web pages containing documented WCAG errors will be a valuable addition to the sample collection. The test pages may be used to:

  • Check validators and learn how to use these tools
  • Compare test results from different validation tools
  • Find WCAG errors manually
  • Provide more demonstrations of WCAG violations

The main project objective is to develop a stable set of test pages for WCAG errors. Our ambition is that these test pages will be an important resource for evaluating various test tools, and may also be used when teaching students and course participants about WCAG success criteria.

The project is funded by:

The Delta Centre