Courses and Training

Tailored end-user training

MediaLT has worked with end-user training since 1999. We offer a very flexible curriculum, and our offer takes into account that people have quite different conditions and needs.

MediaLT offer both teaching in groups and one-to-one teaching. We arrange courses for companies, and we can offer a scheme with a different focus than most! Our teaching example, takes account for more use of the keyboard - which will reduce the risk of injuries such as mouse sickness.

Investments in increased competence is important

Lack of training in the use of information technology is today a general problem in society. It invested large funds in the hardware and software, but this is a small degree followed up with a similar investment in people's knowledge and expertise on the use of the equipment.

This problem is even more apparent for people who use alternative input and output devices. For example, the visually impaired use special tools (see list, artificial voice, video enlarge, ...), which requires separate training, and requiring other solutions than in a standardized curriculum.

The assessment of expensive computer equipment is reduced considerably, if not necessary dataopplæring given. Inadequate training is a bad business and socio-economic solution, since the securing of an adequate education costs relative small in relation to the data equipment. Against this background, there is a need to ensure all an adequate, independent supplier and lasting learning.

MediaLT offers a variety of courses, as presented in the menu. We will specifically mention ECDL, which is important as additional expertise in relation to participation in employment, and E-citizen to help people make the use of private data.

More information on ECDL can be found in the submenu.