About MediaLT

MediaLT is an IT company out of the ordinary. Creating opportunities has been the keystone of MediaLT's activities since the founding of the company in 1999. We are working with a wide range of disabled users to improve access to computers and information. We have a broad experience in working with people with special needs in a variety of situations, at study and at work, and also in leisure time pursuits. Our main work areas include the following:

  • ICT training (individual or in groups)
  • Project Management
  • Software development
  • Adaptation of existing software for people with special needs
  • Consultancy services for web accessibility
  • Advice on computer technical aids on a basis of supplier independence
  • Production and adaptation of digital audio books (DAISY) and multimedia productions

How did it all start?
MediaLT was founded by Morten Tollefsen and Magne Lunde on August 2nd 1999. Tollefsen is a Master of Science and has many years of experience in developing new software, adapting existing software, and training in the field of IT and disability. Lunde is a Master of Political Science and has extensive experience working as a journalist in the daily press and radio, and in research in the field of disability and work.

In 1997 Morten Tollefsen applied to the foundation of Health and Rehabilitation for funding to develop software for the production of electronic picture books for visually impaired adults with normally sighted children. This application was granted, and in the winter of 1998 the Martine project was initiated. In 1999 these efforts were continued in the SVEIP project. The picture book software allows the blind and partially sighted to communicate about pictures via sounds and text descriptions. During the picture book projects Tollefsen and Lunde repeatedly received feedback that the electronic books are also well suited for normally sighted people. The software and books were then introduced on the general market.

It was important for Tollefsen and Lunde to secure and carry over the competence gained during the Martine and SVEIP projects. Consequently they founded the company MediaLT.

MediaLT's Projects