Møte om tilgjengelighet i Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) Oslo

Alle medlemmer og ikke-medlemmer er velkomne. Arrangementet er gratis. Etter foredraget (fra ca. 20:30) blir det sosialt samvær.

Skrevet av: Morten Tollefsen - 03.12.2007

Tid: Tirsdag 11. desember 2007 kl. 18:30

Sted:" Høgskolen i Oslo, Pilestredet 35. Inngangen til høyskolen er ved trikkeholdeplassen Holbergs plass.

Presentasjonen starter presis, og dørene inn til auditoriet er låst, så det er lurt å ankomme før 18:30 mens det er folk i døra til å slippe deltagerne inn.

Månedens tema er «Accessibility with Open Source and Free Software» med Adriane og Klaus Knopper:

Making information access "accessible" is not as easy as it is sometimes" advertised by software vendors, taking into account the various different" capabilities and possibilities of users with and without disabilities, and" even for the "average" computer user, finding information on the web and even" on his/her own harddisk can become a difficult job. This presentatio provides" some hands-on examples of desktop and application helpers which are suitable" to give, not only but also, blind and vision-impaired computer users an" unfamiliar comfortable access to information resources and communication" devices, and also explains some of the concepts behind desktop accessibility" on the technical side."


Adriane Knopper, married to Klaus Knopper and mother of two children, is responsible for accessibility and ease-of-use issues at Knopper.Net consulting, especially in the area of software-alphatests and usability improvement.

She turned blind at the age of 15, and is today using a GNU/Linux system, customized especially for the need of blind users, for internet and mobile services access. From the non-technical perspective of a person just using computers, rather than programming by herself, she works with developers designing blind-friendly user interfaces.

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Knopper, known best for his live system "KNOPPIX", holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and works as freelance IT-consultant and developer of specialized Open Source software solutions. His experience covers over 15 years of system adminstration on various brands of Unix-System platforms (Solaris, Aix, HPUX, GNU/Linux), system programming in Perl, Bourne Shell, C and Java.

Besides his self-employed job, he currently works as a stand-in professor at the university of applied sciences Zweibrücken, where he teaches information technology, software engineering and Linux system administration.

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