Guidelines for Audio Descriptioin Online

We have carried out an international search for guidelines for audio description of Internet videos but have been unable to find a complete set of guidelines. MediaLT has therefore made proposal for such guidelines for audio description online.

Skrevet av: Magne Lunde - 16.09.2014

The development of these guidelines has come about as part of a larger study of audio descrioption (AD) on Internet, and has been carried out as part of the FRES project (looking towards the future for AD). The report of this work, entitled Audio Description Online,  gives an overview of the status of AD on the Internet.

Very few web videos are audio described

Not many Internet videos have AD. Which ones should have AD? We suggest criteria for prioritization in our report i.e. where should we focus our work, which videos are most important?

Extra opportunities

You can also read in the report about the extra possibilites the web gives for AD as compared with AD of films. Here we should be cautious though, following the suggestions in our guidelines. We welcome your views about the report in general and in particular about the policies we propose. Happy reading!