Patience Agabirwe

Patience Agabirwe is an information science professional from Uganda with a Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science (BLIS Hons).  She has worked at Kyambogo University, Department of special needs, as a librarian and she has also taught at the Uganda Christian University for one year. Both universities are in Uganda.

Patience is currently pursuing an international master in digital library learning sponsored by Erasmus mundus which is offered through Oslo University College in Norway, Tallinn University in Estonia and Parma University in Italy. Currently she is at Oslo University college for her last year where she is going to write her master’s thesis on digital library services for the visually impaired.

Patience has done her internship for one month with MediaLT and NLB and she has also visited the public library at the Norwegian Department of special needs.

While at MediaLT she participated in the project "Social media and net citizenship" because it is related to her interests. Her responsibilities were to look for social services offered by social media and make a summarised description of them and the result of this work is presented in this article.

She particularly did this work because she is interested in universal accessibility and provision of information for all. She believes information is important in everyone’s life and should  be accessed by all, including the disabled, at any time. Therefore as information professionals we need to pay attention to the needs and constraints of the socially under privileged people with disabilities,we need also to work hard and revise the means of providing information to them especially those who cannot read the traditional printed books. It is important to appreciate that technology is offering great opportunities to people with visual impairments to access information, for example they can connect to online resources with computers and use assistive technology to translate text into speech.