FamilyConnect is an online, multimedia community created by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and the National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI). This site gives parents of visually impaired children a place to support each other, share stories and concerns, and link to local resources. The site also features a mom-authored blog, inspiring video testimonials from families, and articles authored by parents and experts in the field of blindness on multiple disabilities, technology, education, and more. From the personal to the professional, families will find all the resources they need to raise their children from birth to adulthood. On this site, you will find videos, personal stories, events, announcements, and an online community to help you guide your child to the life he or she wants.  

For the case of this project we will focus on the familyconnect online community since it falls directly under our project. However, for further details on the website you can follow the following link

Familyconnect online community

At familyConnect community, you can share your ideas and experiences using the site’s message boards, however, this requires you to first sign up if you are not yet a registered member and registration is free. Note that anyone can read the message boards, but only registered users can post questions or replies. Therefore you need to register, if you wish to access great features at familyConnect community and join their extensive network of friends, family, and professionals.

Depending on the message of your interest, at familyconnect community you will find many forums, thus, it is for you to choose which forum to participate in and of course this depends on your information needs.

The Calendar of Events on familyconnect community helps one to find events and activities of interest for children with visual impairments and their families. You can also add your events to the calendar, you can also find news and announcements of interest for children with visual impairments and their families.

At FamilyConnect you will find several videos throughout the site about personal stories from parents, siblings, and children with visual impairments; you will also find the complete FamilyConnect video collection, personal stories from parents of children with visual impairments and you can also contribute your own story. The online community can be browsed by location or by category of interest.

At this site you can search for services from their directory for example you can search to find group support, agencies, schools and other organizations of your interest. In cases where you may not be sure of which services you would want, the site allows you to browse from the list of services provided

The site allows you to change the colors, increase the text size, and even change the font to something you find more readable. Screen reader users can move repetitive links out of the way, by pushing the navigation bar to the bottom of the page.

For those who would wish to receive customized services tailored specifically for them, they can sign up for that. Note that your personal viewing options become available to you from any computer you use. You simply have to log in.

Please note that all information will be kept strictly confidential and never shared with any third parties.

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